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Facebook - Join our Facebook community and check out the history of our flagship set ups by searching #targetacquired

Discord - Keep up to speed on the trading action, as it happens!

StockTwits - If this is your platform of choice, come find and follow me for alerts that you don't have to go out and find. (Currently Architect Only)

Twitter- This actually feeds primarily from StockTwits, but if you are only on Twitter, this is where you can find my feed. (Currently Architect Only)

Coming Soon!

The Scripting Lab - Custom Scripts for ThinkorSwim that take the guesswork out of signal trading. Maybe, just maybe, we'll be offering our personal toolkits; scripts, signals, rules and all!

Commodities, Forex and Futures Trading

So, so, so much more.

The Lazy Investor


Follow the Turtle Fund for easy to follow, low stress swing trades using shares and average 10% per month. Is your money manager earning that for you?

The Architect

Short term Options Swings specifically tailored for Income Generation.

The Team

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