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The Mission

Our goal is to help as many people as possible achieve real and lasting financial independence.

We don't believe it has to be difficult and we refuse to accept a 90% failure rate.

I am NOT a guru. Nobody on the team is claiming to be.

But we are pretty damn good at what we do and we all have a desire to put out quality information 

and to help you navigate the early stages of trading.

I am specifically tailoring the site coaching to new and struggling traders, but I'm aiming to build a

membership based community of traders, both old and new.


The Method

Whether you trade stocks or options, we've got you covered with

Entry Triggers, Stop Loss Levels, and Profit Taking Targets.

We aren't currently offering text alerts, because our goal is to help you learn.

One of the harder parts of trading is finding the trades.

Now you don't have to.

We will be right here with you.

For every step of your brand new trading journey.

Beginning with basic level training and advancing as you go, 

we look forward to meeting all of your future investment and trading needs.

Look around and get a feel for which Analyst/Coach is more your speed. 

It can take time to find your lane, but once you do, trading will get a while lot easier.

The Stock Market and trading carries substantial risk. Trading options and other derivatives carries even greater risk.

I am NOT a financial advisor.

I am just a trader.

I'm not here to manage your money or your account.

I'm just showing you what I'm doing and when.

Any risk assumed is all yours.

Although it seems illogical, past performance is NOT indicative of future results and I, in no way, make any guarantees regarding any of these trades.

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