Notes: Team Leader names should be clickable and lead to an About Me page that includes general info about that member, input by the individual team leader, as well as a win/rate "scorekeeper" that the team leader can choose to display to the members or not.

The Team Leader columns should all be tied together and static in regards to each other. But members should be able to show whichever Team Leaders they want. These will be individually billable, but I'll handle that setup myself. So we need to be able to automatically allow members to upgrade upon payment.

$Ticker should be clickable and I'd like it if it could pull up the charts AND the news when it's clicked. The charts that are pulled up don't need to be interactive, other than changing time frames, but eventually, I'd like members to be able to just plug their platform into this and trade from here.

I'm open to different ideas, and details. And obviously, there's a budget, so maybe we can pre plan a way to get something basic and useable up and running and then plan for periodic upgrades and additions.

Team Leader Messages 

Just needs to be a one way connection from the team leaders dashboard to all subscribed member dashboards.


Team Leader name should be a clickable link to the team leader info page.

Team Leader Messages

I'd prefer these be customizable, by the team leader, in color outline. I'd like the members to be able to add as many of these as they like and still have it be visually functional. We'd probably have to alter the layout for mobile view, but the plan is to build an app for it ASAP.


Team Leader Messages 

The trade call outs here will, ideally, be clickable and alter the charts and the news feed. Maybe some kind of webcrawler bot for the news feed?

Team Leader Messages 


If Members aren't subscribed to the individual team leader, then they shouldn't be able to enable these message boxes. None of the members need to be able to reply in these boxes.

News Feed - I'd like this to be linked to the trade alerts. So if a Team Leader calls out "$SNAP 75 Call 3/26" Then the "$SNAP" is clickable and the news feed will pull any SNAP related news and post it here. Same idea with the charts, if possible.

Group Chat available to all members subscribed to any service. 

I don't want this chat connected to the Team Leader chats.

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